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I am so glad that you posted this because when I got home and took the pieces out some of our chalk marks had rubbed off, so I wasn’t sure of the arrangement. I am so glad that you inspired me to dig this out and finish it and that you invited me to your studio to hang it up so we could better look at it to see how the different elements worked together. Your composition and design sense is astounding. My previous arrangement that I had was pretty, but frankly, a bit boring. You got me to break up the conventional “rainbow” pattern and I am glad that you did. I will probably make just a couple of changes in this, by removing some of the duller green blocks, but I really am so glad that you helped me redesign my design. You have a great eye for arrangement. I think anyone who invites you to help them with their quilts is doing the right thing. Thanks so much, Sherri! I can’t wait to take photos of the finished piece.

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I love new supplies!!! And a sale at the Stitch Store, I’m on my way. Found you through the comment you left on Flickr. I see here that you’re new to embroidery, I’m a fellow addict but I don’t have the time for it that I’d like these days. I design patterns too when I get the time, if you want any just browse through them by clicking the button on the left of my blog and comment telling me the ones you’d like, I’ll send them off to you. They’re good for beginners. Hope you get some stitching time, and best of luck with the dog training too!

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